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White Truffles
Tuber Magnatum

The most aromatic of the truffles called also "the diamond of the kitchen".

White truffle is the biggest and the most respected sort of truffles, its price on the market varies from hour to hour.

It is a truffle of yellow-brown, green or grey-green colour. Its aroma is more intensive and stronger than aroma of the other sorts of truffles and depends on the plant with which it is living in symbiosis.

IGDA is proud to offer the finest truffles from Serbia and Istria. IGDA is the first supplier in the world to offer those intensely fragrant white Balkan truffles.

A truffle is a subterranean tuberous mushroom, which is found in damp soil.

The highly prized white truffle grows in grey soil rich in clay in different parts of Serbia, specially in Sumadija and around Sava River, and along the Mirna River, especially around Motovun in Istria. Their average size is that of an egg but a lot of bigger pieces (920g, 450g...) are also found. The world’s largest white truffle was found near Buzet (Istrian town) and weighted 1310 grams

Truffles are exceptionally nutritious, high in protein.

They are select by weight in different categories:

  • Joker >100gr (3.5oz)
  • I size 50-100gr
  • II size 20-50gr
  • III size 8-20gr

The harvest season for White Truffles is from September to January.

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