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Black Truffle
Tuber Aestivum

IGDA is proud to offer the finest truffles from Serbia and Istria.

This beautiful Balkan peninsula produces intensely fragrant white truffles and unforgettable black truffles.

IGDA is one of the few suppliers in the world to offer Balkan truffles.

The much more common black truffle grows in red soil. Their average size is that of an egg.

Truffles are exceptionally nutritious, high in protein.

Fresh truffles are true delicacy and various forms of “preserved’ truffles cannot be comapared to the specific aroma of the fresh gastronomic delight.

They are select by weight in different categories:

  • Joker >100gr (3.5oz)
  • Size I 20-100gr
  • Size II 5-20gr

The harvest season for Black Truffles is from June to December.

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