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Cantarellus cibarius

Also known as Girolle, are funnel shaped mushrooms that are becoming relatively uncommon due to their popularity.

A traditional favorite, Chanterelles have a extraordinary flavor with a firm, fleshy, almost rubbery texture - very sought after for their wild mushroom nutty taste. If eaten raw they have a unique peppery spice flavor, which disappears when cooked.

Chanterelles, with their appealing yellow coloring, are the only mushrooms that
contain beta carotene and vitamin D.


IGDA is pleased to offer those mushrooms as:

  • Dried - I, II and III class
  • Fresh - I and II class.

    Harvesting season is from May-August.
  • Dried Chanterelles are packed in sack or PET packaging, different quantities (1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz…) 1lbs and bigger quantities are also available for the Restaurants or Foodservice.
  • Fresh Chanterelles are packed in wooden or plastic boxes, different quantities (1lbs - 0.5kg, 2lbs - 1kg, 6lbs - 3kg)
  • Bigger quantities of dried Chanterelles are also available for the restaurants and foodservice.

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