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Black Trumpet
Craterellus cornucopiodes

Relative of the Chanterelle, and otherwise elegantly known as Horn of Plenty, is considered a great delicacy, being one of the most eagerly sought-after choice wild edible mushrooms.

This fruity-fragrant, brittle fleshed mushroom is shaped like an inverted trumpet or vase, with a black to very dark gray cap about 2-7cm wide, a wavy irregular fringe at the margin that is frequently curved in when the mushroom is young, and a waxy, smooth to slightly rough or wrinkled charcoal-gray-black outer surface, with an interior of velvety black, fading in age to brown-black. Its stem is empty inside up to the base like that of a trumpet, indistinct and difficult to differentiate from the cap. The undersurface is smooth or shallowly creased; sometimes with deeper folds near the cap margin - blackish, becoming dusted with the white spore color at maturity.

IGDA is glad to offer this tasty mushroom as Dried in I and II quality.

Packaging – sack or PET, different quantities.

Black Trumpets are also present in– Dried Mix Wild Mushrooms.

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