Family enterprise IGDA Impex Ltd. had been organized with 100% private capital by Mr. & Miss. Jovanovic in Belgrade in 1990. Main activity is at the time producing and trading of different kind of wild mushrooms, truffles and fruits (fresh, dried and frozen). IGDA products are already present in the USA, Grand Brittan, Russia, Austria and in the near future also in Japan and Australian markets.

Our goal is to present these partly organic products as "ready to sell products" with our brand „ÏGDA“ or other privat label to the world specialty (health) food market.

Great experiences as suplier of big europeian supermarkt chanes as REWE, EDECA, BILLA, and TESCO is a fundament for future development and expansion of the company.

Our strength – high quality, HACCP, ISO and IFS packing standards and organic certification (TÜF) for most products, experienced management and competitive prices.

The vision is: "Organic, aromatic products earned from the Serbian untouched Nature as a Chef’s Prime Choice".

In an era of giant corporate farms, where flavor is often sacrificed for uniform size and appearance, IGDA stands out in its commitment to nature grown products.

IGDA Impex doo, 3 Ruzveltova St. 11000 Belgrade, Serbia; Cell: + 381 63 301 765; E- mail: officeigda.rs